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Packing Tips For Self-Storage

Packing items for storage is different from packing them for a move. This is primarily because moving is a short-time issue, while storage can go for months. Below are a few tips to help you pack your valuables for long-term storage.

Choose Durable and Strong Containers

High-quality storage boxes are more important than many people think. For one, you need boxes or containers that won't be affected by weather (heat and moisture) during storage. You also need boxes that won't deteriorate over time. Also, if you plan to stack the containers, they should be sturdy enough so that the upper boxes won't damage the upper ones.

Consider the Nature of Your Valuables

The nature of the items you plan to store also determines how you should pack them. For example, anything that moisture can damage should not go into plastic storage bags. This is because plastic is not breathable; it will trap moisture that will damage your valuables.

Label Boxes and Create an Inventory

One of the most frustrating things is to go into a storage unit with no idea of the location of the items you wish to retrieve. This can easily happen if you are storing many things or if you have been storing your items for a long time. Human memory fades over time, and you won't always recall where everything is at. Label your boxes and create an inventory so that you can always tell where everything is located.

Clean and Dry the Valuables

Moisture and pests are some of the biggest threats to stored items. Cleaning and drying your items before storage can help with both threats. This is because debris attracts both pests and moisture.

Use Containers with Lids

Storage containers should have lids that lock or close firmly. This is especially true if you want to store fragile stuff that can be damaged by pests or moisture. Things like clothes, electronics, and books should be in closed boxes. Ensure the containers don't warp so that their lids will remain intact and closed for the duration of storage. Otherwise, you might come back for your stuff only to find them ruined.

The above tips should help you store your valuables irrespective of the storage duration. Be wary of used storage boxes since they are likely to be weaker than they look. If your items are weather-sensitive, get a climate-controlled self-storage unit to minimize the effects of weather.