Learning Moving Tips and Tricks

Security Tips When Moving

Criminals are always on the lookout for soft or easy targets. If you are not careful when moving, your actions can provide the criminals with an opportunity to steal your valuables. Below are some practical tips to keep your valuables secure during your relocation.

Don't Advertise

You won't gain much by advertising your move, but you stand to lose a lot if the wrong person hears of your plans. Therefore, don't post your plans on social media or talk about it in bars. This is especially true if you have valuables, such as expensive paintings, among your items. For those who need to know, such as friends, relatives, and neighbors – inform them directly.

Keep Valuables with You

Keep small valuables with you. Cash, jewelry, a watch collection, and similar things should be in a bag or box by your side at all times. In fact, even professional moving companies routinely advise their clients to carry such valuables in their personal bags or cars.

Track Valuables

For large valuables that cannot be on your person at all times, opt for a tracker. There are small and inexpensive tracking devices specifically made for this purpose. Sure, the tracker won't prevent thieves from stealing your items, but it may help you recover your items in case someone steals them.

Pack Appropriately

It's advisable to pack your belongings into sturdy boxes before loading them into the moving truck. Don't just throw valuables into the back of the truck and drive off. Without secure packing, thieves can easily see what you are carrying and target your truck.

Label Appropriately

Although you need to label your moving boxes, you shouldn't advertise what they are carrying. Writing "Jewelry" on a small box will just make the box a target for thieves. You can use labeling codes and keep a key in your notebook or phone. You can also label boxes according to their rooms.

Restrict Access

Some people may hang around your house on moving day. This is especially true if you collect your things outside the house before moving or if you are packing things outdoor. Unfortunately, you can't tell who among them are thieves. Restrict access to your valuables if you don't want some pieces to go missing.

You have a better chance of relocating without security risks when using a professional moving company than when doing a DIY move. Consult the moving companies in your area long before your moving date so that you can minimize the security risks.

To learn more, contact a moving company.