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Three Ways To Protect Your Furniture Before Moving House

Many people do plenty of research before buying pieces of furniture. After all, items like sofas and dining tables are anticipated to last at least a decade. When moving house, it is important to protect your furniture before it is loaded onto the truck. Once your furniture starts being moved, it is at its most vulnerable to scratches and dents. To ensure your furniture is fully protected before the furniture movers arrive, follow these three tips.

Dismantle Where Possible

One of the main ways furniture gets damaged during relocation is at the point where it is moved through doorways. This is because oftentimes the furniture is wider than the doorway. To prevent the furniture from being scratched as it is moved, look to see if any parts of the furniture can be dismantled. For example, on dining room tables, can you remove the screws that attach the table legs to the tabletop? The more parts that are removed, the less bulky the furniture item will be.

Ask For Wrapping In Advance

When you are ready to prepare your furniture, call the moving service and ask if you can collect moving blankets before moving day. Furniture movers have special blankets that are wrapped around items to protect them from scratches or dents. They are not soft blankets like those used on beds. Rather, they are thick and padded. They cover your furniture and are held in place with either adjustable straps or packing tape. Getting the wrapping in advance means your furniture is ready to go when the movers arrive.

Bulk-Buy Bubblewrap

Another great wrapping material for protecting furniture on moving day is bubble wrap. This works well for smaller furniture items like coffee tables and bookcases. You can purchase large rolls of bubble wrap at your local hardware store. Again, this product acts as a barrier between the furniture surface and doorways as the item is moved from its original location onto the truck and then again at unloading time. Bubble wrap is flexible to suit all furniture shapes and is held in place with packing tape.

The most important things to remember about moving furniture are that you must have an easy route for it to leave the house to get onto the truck and you must protect all surfaces so they do not come into contact with other surfaces on the journey. Remember these two important points, and your furniture movers will get your things to your new home looking as good as they were when they left your old place.