Learning Moving Tips and Tricks

Tips For Finding The Best Moving Companies In Your Area

In most areas, there is no shortage of moving companies. However, they may not all offer the same level of service and expertise you desire from professional movers. How do you distinguish the best moving companies from those who are just okay? Here are a few key tips to help you narrow down your options.

Ask about their insurance policy.

Moving companies should offer an insurance policy to ensure that if any of your items are damaged during the move, your costs are covered. Most movers coordinate with an outside insurance company to offer this coverage. So, ask to see an explanation of the insurance policy and what it covers before you hire movers. Pick a moving company whose insurance will cover the total value of your items. The chance of everything you own being damaged or destroyed is very low, but accidents do happen occasionally. If the moving truck were to get in a serious accident, for example, you'd want to ensure the insurance will replace everything.

Consider the type of estimates they offer.

Some moving companies prefer to give quick quotes over the phone, but the best moving companies prefer to give in-person estimates. This allows them to more closely examine the items you have and give a more accurate estimate. With this approach, you are far less likely to be surprised with a larger-than-expected bill after your move.

Ask to see their trucks.

What do the moving trucks that the company uses look like? Are they spacious so that the company does not have to charge you extra and take a second truck? Do they appear to be in good shape, minimizing the risk of a breakdown? The best moving companies buy good trucks and take care of those trucks in order to minimize hassles like late deliveries. 

Ask whether they do background checks on their employees.

Since the moving company's employees will be handling your things, you really want to make sure they employ trustworthy people. The best moving companies will do background checks on their employees before hiring them, and they'll be more than happy to tell you about those background checks.

Hopefully, the advice above helps guide you as you make decisions about hiring a moving company. While there are a lot of good moving companies out there, it can sometimes take a little time to weed out the great ones. It's worth the effort when you're moving lots of things.

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